Village partners with Simple Recycling

NOTE:  Simple Recycling is picked up on the same day as your regular recycling but it is a different truck that will pick it up.  Their pick-up window of time is from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The village is now partnering with Simple Recycling to dramatically reduce the constant stream of materials into our nations land fills.  Beginning, February 7th, you will be able to recycle clothing and housewares right along with your regular recycling.  Simple Recycling will be mailing residents information on the program along with orange recycling bags.  Fill the bags with items that are not fit for resale and they will grade and sort materials, locally and/or regionally, based on quality and condition. The top quality materials will be resold to local thrift outlets, mid grade is exported to international markets and “unusable” items are processed for raw materials.

Additional bags can be ordered from Simple Recycling or picked up at Village Hall.

There is no cost to the village or its residents to participate.

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