Zoning & Planning

The Zoning Administrator can be reached at Village Hall Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Land Use Permits are required for most construction (including decks, fences, additions and pools) or changes in use of a building. Please contact our office before starting a project. Livingston County Building Department will not issue their required permits without a Village land use permit.

Please email  at zoning@villageofpinckney.org

In 2009, an ordinance was enacted  to allow the Village Council to serve as the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).  ZBA bylaws can be found here..

Zoning Forms:

Fee Schedule:

2017 fee schedule

Zoning Ordinance and Map:

Village of Pinckney Zoning Ordinance

Village Zoning Map

Technical Standards:

Tech Standards 

Central Business District Design Standards:

CBD Design Standards with Plant appendix

Land Use/Site Plan Process:

Land Use Permit

Land Use Waiver

Special Land Use Permit

Application for Site Plan Review

Pre-Planning Meeting Request Form


Sign Permit

Sign Ordinance: Signs-ordinance


Application for Variance or Interpretation of Zoning Ordinance

Application for Zoning Amendment



Chicken Permit 

Backyard Chicken Neighbor Consent


Village of Pinckney Complaint Form

Sidewalk Cafe:

Sidewalk Cafe Permit

Work in Right of Way (ROW):

Application to construct Utilities, excavate or perform work in Right of Way

Sewer & Water Connections:

Sewer & Water Permit Revised June 2017

water meter form – irrigation or for well June 2017