DPW – Streets and Municipal Services

The Village of Pinckney Department of Public Works is responsible for the repair, maintenance, and testing of the sewer and water treatment plants, as well as the clearing and maintenance of streets. Our DPW department also maintains the grounds at the Pinckney Cemetery, all municipal properties including Loy Bond Park and conducts all leaf pick up and chipping.

Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Staffing levels and expertise vary by day.

Please call 878-9368 or 878-0666 to contact the DPW directly. They can also be reached via email by clicking here.

Contacting the DPW after hours: Residents can contact the Pinckney Police Department at 878-3700, or 9-1-1, and the dispatcher will contact the DPW employee currently on-call.

PVB Back Flow Prevention Devices

The Village of Pinckney has adopted the Michigan Department of Public Health code R325.11401 to R325.11407 which requires that all PVB devices be tested on a routine basis. Experience shows that there is not a mechanical device, which can be depended upon unless it is routinely tested and maintained. Backflow prevention devices must be tested only by certified backflow prevention testers who are knowledgeable of the workings of the devices and fully realizes the hazards of cross connection with a potable water system. At minimum, the State requires that these devices be tested every 3 years and you are required to submit a copy of the test reports to the Village Offices.

For a list of certified testers in the area, click Area PBV certified Contractors revised


Winter Mailbox Maintenance
Before the ground freezes is a good time to check your mailbox installation to make sure it can weather upcoming winter weather. The Village cannot assume responsibility for damage caused by heavy wet snow when it is thrown against a weakened post or box. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to replace the box and post. Additionally, private installation within the public right-of-way, such as sod, flowers or sprinkler systems may be unavoidably damaged. Because it is the statutory responsibility of the DPW to maintain the roadways and right of ways, the Village can not be held responsible for damage caused to private installations within these areas.


Need to report a street light not working? Call DTE or click on the link and complete the on-line form

Report a street light out


Fire Hydrant Rental

There is currently a moratorium on water sales for use outside the village limits. Please call Village Hall with questions.




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