Taxes & the Treasurer

Treasurer/Finance Manager can be reached via email at, or by phone at 734-878-6206. She is in the office Monday-Thursday, 8 am –  4 pm.

2023-2024 FY Budget.

2022-2023 budget



Beginning in 2021, through an agreement between the Village and Putnam Township, the Putnam Township Treasurer will bill and collect village taxes.  The bill will be a combination of your village and your township tax bill, with each tax clearly indicated. You can pay by check – in person at township hall or via mail. There are also several online and automatic payment options.

Taxes are due upon receipt of your tax bill.  Bills are mailed on July 1st and December 1st. You can pay your taxes either in person, online, by automatic debit or by mail.

Questions can be directed to Putnam Township Treasurer’s Office at 734-878-3131 or visit their website


Total millage for Village residents with a PRE:  41.4949
Total millage for Village residents with a non-PRE:  55.4949

Poverty Exemption

The State of Michigan (MCL 211.7u) provides for a property tax exemption, in whole or part, for the principal residence of persons who, by reason of poverty, are unable to contribute to the public charges.  Click here for more information.

Summer Tax Deferment

For qualifying individuals, summer taxes may be deferred.  This is not an exemption and must be filed annually before September 15th.  Postmarks are not accepted. Click here for more information.

Special Assessment Districts (SAD)

There are several SADs in the Village.  If you have questions on an amount due or a payoff, please call the Treasurer during regular business hours.

Fore more information and explanation of property assessments and taxes, including Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) & Property Transfer Affidavits (PTA) Click HERE.


Financial Statement

2022 Pinckney Financial Statement

Capital Improvement Plan

Pinckney Capital Improvement Plan 2021-2026




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