Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the Village provide rubbish collection or do I contract with a hauler?

A: Please see the Garbage and Recycling page on this website. The Village provides refuse pick-up, curbside recycling, and yard waste pick-up. You will be billed quarterly for these services. Garbage collection is every Wednesday and recycling collection is every other Wednesday. Yard waste collection is on alternate Wednesdays from recycling, April through November.

Q.  Why haven’t I received my winter tax bill from the Village?

A.  The Village of Pinckney only levies Summer Taxes.  Putnam Township, the township in which all Village residents reside, levies both Summer and Winter taxes.

Q.  How do I know if I live in the Village limits?

A.  The Village is approximately 1.5 miles.  Most of what people think of as Pinckney is either Putnam, Hamburg or Dexter Townships.  However, if you reside on one of these streets you could live in the Village.  Ashton, Barbara, Bluebird Lane, Brentwood, Cattail Lane, Coleman, Coyote Ct., Cricket Crossing, Curtis, Depot, Dexter, Elizabeth, Fairwood, Hamburg, Haze, Heatherway, Honeycomb, Howell, Joan, Knollwood, Lee, Livingston, Magic, Main St., Mann, Marion, Mill, Mower, Muriel, Park, Pearl, Pond, Portage, Pumpkin Lane, Putnam, Reeves, Rose, Starfield, Stuart, Town Trail, Turtle Trace, Unadilla, Vincent, Webb, Webster, William.

Q.  Where do I register to vote?  Where do I vote?

A.  All elections for Village of Pinckney residents are handled through Putnam Township.  Please contact them during regular business hours to register to vote.  All Village residents vote at Putnam Township Hall.

Q. How do I report a burned out or damaged streetlight?

A. Go to https://outage.dteenergy.com/outdoor-lights



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