The Village of Pinckney Code of Ordinances can be viewed by following this link ( Village of Pinckney Ordinances) to an electronic, searchable version of our ordinance housed with American Legal publishing.


Ordinances of common interest can be found below.

Zoning Ordinance – Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Ordinance164 – this is the complete copy of the recently amended Water Ordinance

Ordinance165 – Chapter 52 Sewers

Ordinance166 – Chapter 52 Sewers

Ordinance 167 – Alternative Energy

Ordinance 168 – Modify Zoning Map (350 Mower Rd)

Ordinance 169 – Fire Prevention; Fireworks

Ordinance 170 – Consumers Energy Gas Franchise

Ordinance 171 – Marihuana Class A Microbusiness

Ordinance 173 – Signs



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