Downtown Community Garden



In 2022 the Village of Pinckney Downtown Development Authority established a community garden on a vacant parcel owned by the Authority within downtown known as 135 W. Main Street.  The program provides an opportunity for residents to grow fresh produce or plants for individuals, provides a sense of community and use an otherwise vacant parcel within the DDA district thereby improving the aesthetics and encouraging participation in activity in the area.

Several 4’x8′ raised beds are available to rent as well as wheelchair accessible beds.  If interested in participating, please submit to Village Hall a completed rental agreement, rental fee and deposit.   Assignments are generally made in March or early April. Space is limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  In order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the use of our Community Garden, we cannot guarantee the use of multiple plots this year.  We will try to accommodate requests for multiple plots as best we can but again we cannot guarantee multiple plots. We will maintain a wait list once we reach capacity. Your money will be refunded if you do not get a garden spot assignment.  We will not reserve a bed for you without the application and payment.

Please read the rental agreement and guidelines before applying. You are responsible for the planting, watering, weeding, other upkeep and clean-up of your spot.  By signing the application, you agree to the Rules and Guidelines of the Community Garden.

2024 Rental Documents:         2024 Rental Fees:

2024 Community Garden Guidelines                              Residents – $20 + Refundable $20 deposit

2024 Community Garden Use Application                      Non-Residents – $25 + Refundable $20 deposit




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