Zoning Department

The Zoning Administrator, Julie Durkin, can be reached through Village Hall Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and currently has office hours on Mondays & Thursdays.

Land Use Permits are required for most construction (including decks, fences, additions and pools) or changes in use of a building. Click here for general requirements or contact our office before starting a project. Livingston County Building Department will not issue their required permits without a Village land use permit.

Please keep in mind that projects need to adhere to not only the Zoning Ordinance but also the Technical Standards for Design & Construction.

Please email  at zoning@villageofpinckney.org

In 2009, an ordinance was enacted  to allow the Village Council to serve as the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).


Know What’s Below Before You Dig!  Call MISS DIG 811.  More information HERE.

Zoning Documents:

Fee Schedule:

Fee Schedule adopted  March 28, 2022

Zoning Ordinance and Map:

Village of Pinckney Zoning Ordinance

Here is the complete Zoning Ordinance with all the latest amendments approved at the December 14, 2020 Council meeting and the January 11, 2021 Council meeting:  Chapter 152, Zoning Ordinance 

Ordinance163- Shipping Containers as Storage Buildings

Ordinance160 – Amendment to 152.388

Ordinance 167 – Alternative Energy

Pinckney Zoning Map

Pinckney Marijuana Establishments Buffer Zone (approximate)

Technical Standards for Design & Construction:

Technical Standards adopted 01/11/2021

Amendment to Tech Standards – Section 01 20 04 – Connections to the Public Water Supply adopted 6/13/2022

Amendment to Tech Standards – Section 01 20 07 – Driveway Standards adopted 6/13/2022

Application for waiver of Tech Standards

Requirements for Waiver of Tech Standards

Central Business District Design Standards:

CBD Design Standards with Plant appendix

Zoning Forms:

Please note:  All fillable forms can be printed and brought to Village Hall during regular business hours or saved to your computer and emailed to:  zoning@villageofpinckney.org.  If you prefer, you may simply print the non-fillable form, fill it out and bring it to Village Hall.

Land Use/Site Plan Process:

Land Use Permit Application

Land Use Permit Application – fillable

Commercial Reoccupation form

Commercial Reoccupation – fillable form

Are you resealing a driveway, re-roofing or re-siding a house, adding gutters or replacing windows?  If so, then all you need is a Land Use Waiver.

Application for Land Use Permit Waiver

Application for Land Use Permit Waiver – fillable

Special Land Use Permit Application

Application for Site Plan Review

Site Plan Application

Ordinance160 – Amendment to 152.388

Pre Planning Meeting Request

Environmental Checklist


Sign Permit Application

Sign Ordinance: Signs-ordinance


Zoning Board of Appeals Application

Zoning Amendment Application


Application for waiver of Tech Standards

Collection Bins:

Collection Bins Ordinance

Collection Bin Permit Application


Chicken Permit Application

Backyard Chicken Neighbor Consent


Village of Pinckney Complaint Form

Sidewalk Cafe:

Sidewalk Cafe Permit

Sidewalk Cafe Ordinance:  Sidewalk Cafe Ordinance

Driveway Permit / Work in Right of Way (ROW):

Application for Authorization to Construct Utilities, Excavate or Perform Work in Village Streets or Right-of-Way

List of Approved Sealers

Pavement Sealant Applicator Registration (For Sealant Companies Only)

Application for Land Use Permit Waiver for Pavement/driveway Sealcoating

Sewer & Water Connections:

W&S Connection Application

Water Meter Installation/Purchase

Sample Maintenance Agreements:

Note:  These agreements are not all ‘one size fits all’, and are provided as a starting point.

Stormwater Operation and Maintenance Agreement Sample

Fire Hydrant Maintenance Agreement Sample

Driveway Culvert Maintenance Agreement Sample

Sanitary Monitoring Manhole Maintenance Agreement Sample

Separator Interceptor Comminutor Maintenance Agreement Sample




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