K9 program

Pinckney Police Department’s K9: “Kizer”
Born on June 26, 2006
Placed into service at PPD on Sept. 23, 2008
Kizer, a Black and Tan German Sheppard, from German working lines, but was born in the United States.

Kizer’s Patrol training includes the following areas:
Area Search
Building Search
Article Search
Handler Protection
Suspect Apprehension

Kizer has received narcotics training in the areas of:
Crack Cocaine

Kizer was trained by Ofc Hart and a retired MSP Sergeant. Ofc Hart and K9 Kizer trained every Wed for 8 months to develop the skills needed to certify in the areas of Patrol Narcotics. The team continues to train every week to maintain those skills. Kizer is Nationally Certified as a Patrol Narcotics K9 by NAPCH, (National Association of Professional Canine Handlers) and NAPWDA (North American Police Work Dog Association). When not at work, K9 Kizer lives at home with his handler, Ofc Hart and Ofc Hart’s family.

Upon request, Kizer will assist other law enforcement departments in the county and will conduct scheduled school visits/demonstrations throughout the Pinckney School District or any other school that should make a request.

Officers from the Pinckney Police Department practice a zero tolerance for drugs in our community and K9 Kizer is one tool in the agency’s war against drugs. K9 Kizer has an excellent record of successful tracks, finds and arrests and it is our hope to maintain this important asset well into the future.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Pinckney Police Department K9 program, please contact Chief Newton at (734) 878-3700, Ext. 202 or by email at police@villageofpinckney.org.